Notifications show up on the bell icon on the top right on your screen. You will receive notifications when:

  • Somebody posts on a group you are part off
  • You are invited to join a group
  • Somebody posts on a forum thread that you have already posted on
  • Somebody posts on a forum post that you are subscribed to
  • Somebody comments on a blog/news post that you have already commented on

If you receive a notification and don't view it for 15 minutes, you will receive an email with a summary of your notifications. We try not to bombard your inbox, so you won't receive further notification emails until you view your existing notifications.

Messaging works in much the same way. You'll have 15 minutes to view your new messages, after which you'll be sent a summary email.

You can edit which emails you receive by going to Your Name (top right) and pressing Preferences. 

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